About Me


[How I went from a crippling brain condition almost dying in a hospital bed to waking up every day with ideal health, wealth and a unique career without overwhelming stress]

Let me tell you in a nutshell…

I had everything what considered to be “normal” with my college diploma, a steady stressful job, working in the print industry as a designer for 15 years with an average salary, had 2 weeks of vacation…

Being 33 years old, I ended up with a shunt in my brain.

A brain-surgery what made me realize, that if I don’t change something fast, I will not be here to see my kids grow up. (You can read more about the surgery here)

The stress at my job, the worry, the doubt how we will pay our bills and raise our kids, and still have some “quality life” seemed impossible.

After my surgery My belief system has turned 360 from just 3 years ago.

Not in a million years did I ever think I will be able to find something where i can work less and make more than in my corporate job. Have the time freedom, leverage, mental sanity and wealth to support my family.

I am forever grateful for this as it improved my health and wealth.